• Schleich GmbH  The company site of Schleich. It includes an image catalog of the currently produced figures for all lines. It also has a wishlist feature, and some interactive content. In German, English, and French


  • Schleich Discussion Forum at Laughing Giraffe  Come join us to talk about collecting Schleich figures. Forum in English and Dutch, and other language friendly.


  • Tierwelten  An extensive collector's page in German. Shows many color variations and unusual uncolered animals. All animal series are represented, as well as some related merchandise.


  • Schleichtiersammler  A collector page in German that is very comprehensive. It includes images of almost all production figures from the animal series as well as Western and Knights. It includes Prehistoric Animals but not the two Dinosaur series. There is also information on the Papo, Safari, and Bullyland animal series.


  • Another collector page in German with the major animal lines represented.


  • Joyce and Anouk  A collector website in Dutch with many images of the animal series. It is done by two girls who name all of their example animals.


  •  A community website with member galleries and a Wiki for toy collectors



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