Animal Master List 

This section contains a master list of all animal series including people and accessories related to the animal themes.  Included themes are Farm Life, Wild Life, Forest Life, Sea Life, Dinosaurs, Cats, Tropical Fish, Pets, Animal Kids, Birds of Prey, People, Accessories, Trees, Dogs to scale, Sea Life 1:32, Replica Saurus Dinosaurs 1:40, and Prehistoric Mammals. At the bottom of the page is a link to By Theme or Date that is an index with sections sorted by each theme and by introduction date or discontinuation date.

The animals are listed in order by their Schleich item number. This groups them into sets by theme, though some themes jump about a bit.

Red numbers are discontinued, black numbers are currently available. Blue numbers are gaps in the current record. They may not have ever been produced, or that number's figure is not known to this site. Blank lines indicate larger gaps in numbers.

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